Songs of 1916

Chantelle Constable

As a child, Chantelle was enamored with the spectacle of classic Hollywood musicals. Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Judy Garland were the faces adorning her walls, rather than the pop stars of the 2000s.

When she began studying classical music, Chantelle developed an even deeper appreciation for old music, and turned her passion for the tunes of yesteryear into a hobby of unearthing rarely performed songs from the early 20th century.

In 2016, she initiated a project to bring centenarian songs to life for a new generation with a series of recordings. The first 7-song collection, entitled: "Songs of 1916" will be released in early 2018, with ensuing collections for each year to follow.
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The Mad Ones vol. I

Chantelle Constable

An acoustic demo of four original songs by Chantelle Constable, self-accompanied on piano and guitar. Inspired by a range of music from opera to broadway to Laurel Canyon in the 70s to modern female musicians such as Jennifer Knapp, Sarah Slean, and Charlotte Church in her recent indie rock re-invention. Thematically inspired by the human process of discovery and growth and the many colors of love, through the eyes of a midwestern girl in her early twenties.

1. Smoke (Hymn of Faith)
This song is about how it's not necessarily the "big moments" you share with a person that you remember for years afterwards. Sometimes it is the tiniest gestures that make an impact, that stick with you, and make you care just a little bit more for someone.

2. Singing
I am often guilty of trying to "help" too much. When I care about a person, I try to take control and solve their problems for them. When all my attempts (naturally) fail, I realize that all I have to offer is my song... and I hope it is enough.

3. Just November
I get the winter blues every year, and one November, working through an emotionally rough time, I was struck by the completely apathetic nature of the season. Not even bleak and dismal, just... "just" normal, grey November.

4. Brown Eyes
This song was written for my husband... well before he actually became my husband... on the day we first held hands. It is a very short song because I was rather skittish of my own feelings at the time (as you can tell from the lyrics) and I couldn't find -- couldn't reveal -- anything further I wanted to say.
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