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ABOUT: Experienced musician (25+ years) and writer (15+ years) Chantelle Constable wants to help you craft a stunning original song for your next project!

GENRES: folk, ballad, singer-songwriter, adult contemporary
OTHER INFLUENCES: classical crossover, jazz, showtunes, symphonic metal, dark cabaret
MOODS: Intimate/Confessional <---------> Epic/Symbolic
TOPICS: Anything you like! Though we may or may not collaborate on notes and melodies, I believe that part of the music of a song is contained within the lyrics. The metre informing the time signature. The overtones of a certain vowel on a sustained note. The color of the vocabulary - which is going to be very different in a modern sacred piece vs a symphonic metal piece, for example. Once I have the "linguistic genre" of your piece in my mind's ear, we can fill in that outline with any subject matter you desire.


  • Do you have a nebulous idea for a song that you would like to be written for you? Do you need a particular song for a concept album? Look no further!
  • Consultation & Finished Song Lyrics Complete Package - $100
  • Consultation, Finished Song Lyrics, Melody/Lead Sheet Complete Package - $150


  • Would you like to be involved in the creative process? Buy a co-writing package at a discount of $75!
    Includes: Three hours of my time ($25/hr) to be spent either co-writing via Zoom/FaceTime/etc or I will work on the song individually and bring you in to a consult and share my ideas with you as they progress. You can guide the process at your own pace and experience level!
  • Melody/lead sheet availability and pricing depending on project and desired outcome.


  • You have an idea - you have bits and pieces of a song but you need help stitching them together. I will take your odds 'n' ends and join them into a cohesive song. Three hours for $60 ($20/hr) - two hours I will devote to your song, then a final hour spent on Zoom/FaceTime with you and making final changes (plus unlimited messaging as I learn about your goals for the song).


  • A single rhyme or turn of phrase not sitting quite right? Do you want another pair of eyes for proofreading? A lyric polishing session is $25 for a 30-minute consultation and unlimited messaging as we turn your song into a sparkling hit!


NOTE: Packages do NOT need to be used in a single sitting. Available in one hour or half-hour blocks.

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