Singer. Cut her teeth on the Great American Songbook and opera. Joined a rock band after college, did some musical theatre. Enjoys a good show-stopper tear-jerker heart-breaker. "Whiskey & prairie fire soprano."

Songwriter. Always brutal, rarely autobiographical. Playing with sounds and words like Lego and mud pies. Doesn’t mean to make you cry, but it will probably happen anyway. Draws from Americana, jazz & cabaret, bedroom pop, art song, Laurel Canyon, etc. (On Spotify and Bandcamp)

Writer. Prose, poetry, flash fiction, songs for other people, epigrams, aphorisms, blogs. Check out The Tellegraph and #WIP story about fairyland and a daring heist to rescue a stolen child. 

Siren. Sex & body positivity. Androgynous glamour. Self-love & celebration. NSFW (@whiskey.dumpling)  

Actor / Voice Actor. Stole hearts as Fanny Brice (Funny Girl) and Tobias Ragg (Sweeney Todd). Life goal: to voice a Disney villain. Poetry reading TikTok - @chanconsings 

Aesthete: acoustics, ancient history, astronomy, audio engineering, billiards, bookstores, boxing, burlesque, Classic Hollywood, classic literature/mysteries, composition, conducting, cooking/baking, cottagecore, cross stitch, dark academia, doodle painting, fairy tales, fireflies, folklore, French Revolution, gardening, ghost stories, golf, knitting, languages, Lego, linguistics, manga, murder ballads, mythology, neuroscience, old buildings, prairie gothic, reading, Snickelways, softball, speakeasies, steampunk, summer nights, tarot, tea in the conservatory, travel

Human: BLM. Trans rights are human rights. Pro-choice. Feminist. ACAB. De-fund the military.

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