I believe Black Lives Matter and that Trans Rights are Human Rights. I’m an anti-capitalist, antifa, Democratic Socialist. I’m divorced and I am now in an open, queer, kinky, wonderful relationship. I’m Pro Choice and Pro Sex Workers. I am a searching/agnostic/pagan/Buddhist (and a little bit pretentious). 

I am a college student with my eye on a degree in folklore; a classic literature and classical music / musical theatre nerd. I love space and neuroscience. I love cats; dogs, not so much. I don’t really care for sports. I am a struggling artist. I have a shaved head, piercings, and tattoos. I’m on medication and in therapy for severe depression and anxiety. I value freedom, creativity, and intelligence. 

And I am tired of hiding in the shadows. If you can accept all of who I am: Welcome. If not, kindly feel free to shove off.

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