Favorite song: “Without a Soul” - Nicole Byblow 

Favorite music: https://www.last.fm/user/missnewyork/library/artists?date_preset=ALL_TIME 

Favorite book: Once on a Time (A. A. Milne), Sherlock Holmes

Favorite movie/TV show/miniseries: “Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell” 

Favorite childhood TV show: Wishbone, Bill Nye the Science Guy

Favorite composer: Gustav Mahler

Favorite educational video: Leonard Bernstein Norton Lectures "The Unanswered Question: Six Talks at Harvard"

Favorite audiobook narrator: Stephen Fry

Favorite comedian: Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis

Favorite graphic novel: Agatha Heterodyne Girl Genius

Favorite meal: sushi or manicotti or steak 

Favorite candy: toffee, anything peppermint 

Favorite ice cream: Ben & Jerry’s Cinnamon Buns 

Favorite perfume: Chanel Chance 

Favorite dog breed: corgi 

Favorite big cat: tiger 

Favorite animal at the zoo: penguins 

Favorite pizza topping: chicken + red onion + pineapple 

Favorite tipple: a Manhattan 

Favorite cartoon: The Amazing World of Gumball 

Favorite Actor/Actress: Cary Grant, Judy Garland

Favorite musical: West Side Story, The Scarlet Pimpernel 

Favorite city: New York City 

Favorite color: pink 

Favorite car: Chrysler Crossfire, 1967 Impala 

Favorite soda: Vanilla Coke 

Favorite cereal: Cinnamon Toast Crunch 

Favorite quote: For a person remains of consequence not so far as he leaves something behind him but so far as he acts and enjoys, and rouses others to action and enjoyment. -Goethe 

Favorite magazine: English Home 

Favorite season: summer 

Favorite candle scent: coconut milk mango 

Favorite flower: red geranium, lilac, lily of the valley, violet 

Favorite coffee order: peppermint breve or cold brew with cream

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