15 Personal Questions #3

  1. Do you have any old friends you wish you could meet up with again?
    I miss Megan. Not sure how we fell apart.
  2. If you joined a rock band what position would you want?
    HAHAHA. Lead singer & keyboard player. ;)
  3. Do you know your own worth?
    Probably not.
  4. If you were designing your own fragrance to represent you, what would you call it?
  5. What did you do for your 21st birthday?
    My best friend Sam took me out to Aggieville (what else do you do in MHK?)
  6. What is something that gave you buyer's remorse?
    Every time I shop at Marshall's! lol
  7. Do you know how to jump rope?
  8. When it's your birthday do you always wear a birthday hat?
    I try not to. But I don't mind for other people's birthdays.
  9. Have you ever been to Legoland?
  10. What is your favorite ride at any amusement park?
    The Sizzler at the Marshall Co Fair
  11. Describe your most independent decision or moment without others' influence?
    Getting my nose piercing on Dec 31st, 2009 / Going to New York for 3 months in 2008
  12. Have you ever made a scrapbook for yourself or someone else, what was in it?
    No, but I cherish the scrapbook my mother-in-law made for my wedding photos
  13. Do you think a full moon can have an effect on a person?
  14. In a relationship do you believe in joint or separate bank accounts?
  15. Do you think friends make better lovers or that friends should never cross that line?
    I believe in every relationship beginning with friendship.

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