15 + 15 Personal Questions #4

  1. If your 5 year old self were looking at you today, would it recognize you?
    In a goofy inner self sort of way, sure. Situationally? Nope.
  2. Who is the one person you'd love to have as a mentor?
    Leonard Bernstein OR Jerry Lewis
  3. What is one thing you always get when you go to the store?
    I'm always buying more pens. Especially colored pens.
  4. Do you get seasick?
    I wouldn't know. I've only been on a boat on a Norwegian fjord.
  5. Have you ever gotten sick from eating too much?
    I get sugar headaches...
  6. What is your favorite thing to put in the freezer to eat or drink that normally isn't?
    As a kid I used to eat mozzarella sticks still frozen. Still get an odd craving every now and then... haven't indulged, though!
  7. If you started training for the Olympics, what event would you have a realistic chance at?
  8. If you were going to join a music band past or present, what band would fit you best?
    Crosby Stills & Nash (& Young)
  9. How long do you think you could last without your smartphone or internet?
    Oh, one day, tops
  10. Is someone's word enough for you or do you need more?
    If someone matters enough to be promising something to me, then I take them at their word.
  11. What is your favorite eye color on someone else, why?
    Brown/hazel -- why? Sentimental reasons.
  12. Does anything make you feel claustrophobic?
    Being pressed-in all around by too many people (duh)
  13. What do you have on your fridge door?
    A wedding souvenir from my best friend's wedding
  14. What is the most unusual thing you've done on a date?
    Checked out the liquid nitrogen and looked at bacteria through a microscope
  15. Have you ever been laid off from a job?
    No, but I've had seasonal / temporary jobs


  1. If a genie offered you three wishes, what would you wish for (not more wishes)?
    - mad piano skills
    - immortality for my cat(s)
    - the ability to listen to 5 symphonies (or whatever) at once, like Data from Star Trek
  2. What housework/chore do you absolutely refuse to do?
    washing dishes by hand
  3. Name something you had a close call with?
    drinking too much & being dangerous to myself
  4. If you could live one week with an uncivilized tribe to learn their ways, would you?
    Honestly, no. I value indoor plumbing too much.
  5. What one thing are you worried will never change for you?
    Financial (in)stability
  6. How do you resolve conflict?
    "Conflict? What conflict?" (It's not healthy, I know)
  7. If you were going to write an essay about your life what would your essay be called?
    "In Which Our Heroine..."
  8. Do you think there should be a salary cap for actors in movies?
    No cap, so long as the women are paid equally with the men
  9. Do you have a favorite furniture designer, if so who?
    I love anything mid-century modern
  10. What is your favorite outfit?
    Leggings, tank top, big snuggly cardigan
  11. What is your point of no return?
    The midway point? This one requires more thought.
  12. Are you godparent to a child, if so whose?
    Nope. It would be cool, though.
  13. What did you think was stupid until you tried it?
  14. Would you ever date someone with a kid or kids?
    Again, honestly? No. I don't want kids.
  15. What is the worst thing you've ever tried?
    Oyster dressing (as in, Thanksgiving stuffing with oysters) -- unfortunately it's a family tradition

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