She looks sweet... but I think she could kill you.”

— Sammy Horner (The Sweet Sorrows)

The Many Facets Of...

Singer. Cut her teeth on the Great American Songbook and opera. Joined a rock band after college, did some musical theatre. Enjoys a good show-stopper tear-jerker heart-breaker.

Songwriter. Always brutal, rarely autobiographical. Playing with sounds and words like Lego and mud pies. Doesn’t mean to make you cry, but it will probably happen anyway. Draws from Americana, jazz & cabaret, bedroom pop, art song, Laurel Canyon, etc.

Writer. Prose, poetry, flash fiction, songs for other people, epigrams, aphorisms, blogs. Check out The Tellegraph and #WIP story about fairyland and a daring heist to rescue a stolen child.

Siren. Sex & body positivity. Androgynous glamour. Self-love & celebration. NSFW (@whiskey.dumpling

Actor / Voice Actor. Stole hearts as Fanny Brice (Funny Girl) and Tobias Ragg (Sweeney Todd). Life goal: to voice a Disney villain. Poetry TikTok - @chanconsings

Aesthete: Gardening, old books, puttery things like knitting and cross stitch and baking cookies, magic, tarot [tbc]

Human: BLM. Trans rights are human rights. Pro-choice. Feminist. ACAB

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2013 interview with

As Fanny [Brice], Chantelle Constable is unsinkably, unstoppably splendid... Every line, every move, every note, she’s there lighting it up. ”

— The Manhattan Mercury (2012)